Our family drew all these during Family Hour. We're not insane.

We did nearly all these drawings together using the Quad Drawing system described in our book. (How do Quad Drawings work? Click here.) 

Our family is a little more artistic and a little more twisted than many. We just like to egg each other on with crazy, depressing and scary ideas sometimes. Some of these drawings are insanely dark, but I promise you we’re laughing the whole time we’re doing them, because we want to see how the others react. We can draw a decapitation and say, “I love you mum” within minutes, and really mean it. 

If you do Quad Drawings in your own family, just do what suits you. Dark, light, sweet, sour….just have fun. They don’t have to be great drawings (or anything as horrible as ours!) as long as you laugh and feel connected with people you care about. 

Note: We highlighted the drawings where just one or two of us worked on it, but otherwise you can assume we all completed the piece. The solo or duo pieces were done during a Family Hour, but we’d decided to just vary our normal system. 

The drawings shown are a fraction of our completed pieces. Check back to see what we add.