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A new book that will get your family talking 

Create a habit that gets you connecting as a family. It can happen nightly, every few days, or weekly.  It doesn’t matter if the kids are 5 or 17, you can still make it fun for everyone. 

There’s a little trick that gets everyone involved:  rotate the decision maker for the night’s entertainment based on their first initial.  The family of four who wrote this book call it MELT (Mike, Esmé, Larry and Toby), but you’ll use your own family’s initials.  

This book also includes hundreds of ideas to keep your evenings lively. It includes starter lists of top board games, films and more, but the real magic comes in adding your own favorites. These become prompts for the night’s entertainment, ensuring you always have an answer for the announcement, “I can’t think of something to do.”
Build stronger, deeper connections to your family in low-pressure, fun activities. Give it a try.  You might be surprised how easy it is for everyone to find a little time for Family Hour. 


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We’re now giving away copies of the PDF for free! Why? Because we think it’s a great idea that could help lots of families, and it’s really not about the money. 


About the Authors

Mike, Esmé, Larry and Toby are the family of four who came up with the Family Hour system. We created the acronym MELT from the first letter of each of our names. This acronym became an organizing principle of Family Hour, helping us discuss plans and keep track of who was in charge for the evening. (You’ll make a similar acronym for your own family in the next chapter.)

Esmé and Toby are the parents, and Larry and Mike are ages 15 and 17 (respectively) at time of writing. We created this system together over several years, and so it made sense to credit everyone as authors. I, Toby, wrote most of this book. All illustrations and the cover were designed by Mike, Esmé, Larry and myself over a series of Family Hours.

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